Short Column: Liberals Welcome Terrorists in Europe Peacefully


Nowadays, we can see some liberal movements being worried about the refugees. In my opinion, they do not think rational, for the good of all people, but they are only having in mind something unacceptable- to accept the rapists, radical Islamists and terrorists peacefully and to leave them to occupy Europe inside with war.

First of all, when you protest about something that you have not felt on your skin and you did that outside Europe, please read this column, from a person that lives in Europe.

There are two types of refugees, one intelligent (Syrians) and others radical islamists from ISIS and Africa. The policy of some EU countries accepting all will lead to destruction of the civilized Europe.


Simply, you can see some ‘refugees’ acting like primitive persons. Why would you accept them? Remember when the daughter of one politician was raped by them? Do you know how many people are tortured by them? Does the leaders of some EU countries are acting blind even though they see clearly? What is the point of this crisis?

What have we done and what should be done?

There are lots of smart Syrian intelligence that waits outside Europe. First of all, the NATO borders should have better control. It is better to spend money for building housing for the refugees in no-man’s land then to repair buildings from suicide attacks in the very heart of Europe. Europe must make an effective control of the immigrants that are radical islamists. The refugees that come in Europe to rape and to promote the radical islam must be banned and took outside of the borders of Europe. Only core selection of the immigrants will save Europe. People with Syrian passport should be welcomed, but ONLY them. The other ones, primitives, should be returned back.

And when liberals will start protesting, they should know that being a good person means to accept guests that are coming not to rape and to destroy Europe, but to build it with intelligence.

Also, I have a question for the liberals: If someone knocks on your door, will you let him in and make him a coffee if he wants to burn your house and rape you, or will you let the one that is in danger?

Short column of the owner of Right Way Life
Gjorgji Stankovski



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