Al Qaeda: Donald Trump is the “White House’s new fool”


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has discharged a sound recording in which its main leader Qassim al-Rimi derides President Donald Trump and says the American strike against his fear based oppressor bunch slaughtered 25 individuals, including 11 ladies and kids, AP revealed.

Al-Rimi told his devotees in the recording that “The White House’s new trick has gotten an excruciating blow at your hands in his first trip on your property,” guaranteeing that scores of U.S. fighters were executed or injured.

The validness of the recording couldn’t be confirmed, in spite of the fact that the voice was like that of past recordings by al-Rimi, as indicated by AP.

The U.S. military says Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, was executed and four other American troops were injured in the operation.

Law based congressmen have required an examination concerning the assault, which a few individuals from the military said was directed without adequate knowledge, ground bolster or sufficient reinforcement operations, The Hill detailed.

And of course, leftists are trying to gain some political points:

Republican Ted Lieu said that he was “highly disturbed” by the reports about the mission and that it was approved.

“Given this context,  questions about the Yemen mission are deeply concerned and they ask for answers,” he said. “I have requested a report on this counter- terrorism action from the Department of Defense.”


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