Austria’s Coalition Government Has Ruled to Ban the Full-Face Veil in Public


Austria has agreed to ban the full- face veil in public. The burqa and niqab will be prohibited in public places included schools. 
Austria’s ruling coalition is also considering banning state employees from wearing the headscarf and other religious symbols. The measures are seen as an attempt to avert the collapse of the coalition government and avert the pressure from the far- right Freedom party which is leading in the polls.

France and Belgium did a similar ban in 2011 and introduced a partial ban in 2016. Last month, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor said the full- face veil should be banned in Germany, wherever it is legally possible, even though she welcomed lots of Radical Islamists covered as “refugees”.

An expected 150 ladies wear the full niqab in Austria however tourism authorities have communicated fears that the measures will likewise deflect guests from the Gulf.

What is a niqab and a burka?

The niqab is a shroud for the face that leaves the range around the eyes clear. It might be worn with a different eye cloak. It is worn with an accompanying headscarf.

The burka is the most covering of every Islamic shroud. It is a one-piece cloak that covers the face and body, frequently leaving only a mesh screen to see through.


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