Disclaimer About The Video When Muslims Chant “DEATH TO AMERICA”


Before several days, this website has published a video:

Snopes has published a post about it stating that Right Way Life is a mainstream media. Before Snopes started indirectly to attack this PERSONAL BLOG (not mainstream media), they should have read the DISCLAIMER¬†of this website, stating that: “All the information on this website is a personal view of the writers of Right Way Life and their right- winged view on the politics.”

It is taken from America Today. Right Way Life distances from the Snopes theory that we are a mainstream website. We are just a BLOG that provides personal view of the writers, and others can express their opinion too.

This video is meant to be understood as a video that warns what will happen in the future, from our own PERSONAL VIEW of the things that are happening right now not only in USA, but in the world.

When you are media about news, and when you mention someone, first investigate the website, is it personal blog, or a news website. Right Way Life did not mention that is is from this year.

With all due respect,

Right Way Life


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