Muslim Migrant Disturbed Church Funeral Service


A Muslim man exasperates a memorial service in a congregation when he abruptly began to yell out “Allah” amid a sermon, saying he needed to impart his message to the unbelievers.

The 33-year-old Muslim man, whose name was not been made open, all of a sudden went into the congregation in the town of Schnaittach in the German condition of Bavaria.

He is said to have gone into the congregation saying:

“I come in the name of the Prophet, to proclaim the message of Allah to the infidels.”

The occurrence occurred on Wednesday and was just later made open by Pastor Wilfried Roemischer.

The man had at first entered the congregation and attempted to make himself heard amid the grieving discourse, and later read so anyone can hear some Arabic verses, as indicated by the minister.

Minister Roemischer said he initially attempted to dissuade the man by offering to have a discussion after the administration.

The Muslim man, who is said to have just moved to Schnaittach,  sat down on one of the back chapel seats, from where he began to recount verses in Arabic.

Roemischer stated: “I think those were verses from the Quran.”

The man  left the congregation after the minister solicited a worker from the entombment organization called the police.


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