Terrorist Shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ Stopped by the Army!


A group of four French officers were attacked Friday inside a shopping center underneath the Louver Museum in Paris by a cleaver employing man yelling “Allahu akbar,”

One of the officers endured minor wounds and the attacker was gravely injured. A military representative said the warriors attempted to battle off the aggressor before opening fire. The policeman who was somewhat harmed was not the policeman who opened fire, as indicated by experts.

The examination is in its initial stages, however the head of police disclosed to Reuters that- – in view of the attackers comments – specialists believe the suspect needed to complete a dread attack at the acclaimed historical center.

The attacker was conveying 2 knapsacks, yet neither had explosives.

It is trusted the suspect acted alone, yet Reuters reported that in a that a moment another individual was captured.

The gallery in the focal point of Paris is one of the French capital’s greatest vacation destinations.

Fighters on watch are on a piece of safety efforts that have bulked up in the wake of fear attacks in France in 2015 and 2016.

This means that Donald Trump is the best choice for USA, because when France had a liberal government, radical islamists from all over the world inhabited it. That is why the next elections favorites are the center- right parties and the radical right. There is no chance for the center or left parties on the upcoming elections to win.

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source: FoxNews


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